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Retirement Income Planning

Start the Next Chapter of Your Life with a Sense of Confidence

Jeff Zemito has been delivering sound retirement strategies for both pre and post retirees for more than 20 years. Utilizing a wide range of financial products and resources, Jeff and his team implement personalized plans that help maintain a long-term income strategy.


Our retirement strategies are comprised of three fundamental components: Growth, Access, and Predictable Income

Together, these three components cover your entire retirement strategy and may allow for better retirement income preservation, allowing assets to accumulate more efficiently. Properly managing the allocation of your retirement savings with the G.A.P. approach is the first step towards retiring confidently.

GROWTH: Finding income opportunities to keep pace with inflation and help maintain your standard of living.

ACCESS: Maintaining asset flexibility to adapt to your changing needs over time.

PREDICTABLE INCOME: Implementing reliable income strategies to help minimize unwanted surprises.


Whether you are approaching retirement or already there, the challenges you may come up against could seem daunting. Recognizing these challenges is an important first step to meeting your retirement goals. Jeff and his team can help develop a strategy that addresses…

  • Longevity Risks: The possibility of outliving retirement assets
  • Inflation Risks: A reduction in purchasing power down the road
  • Health Care Costs: An unexpected rise in cost of care, a challenge faced by all senior citizens
  • Market Risk: The potential loss of assets that you have invested
  • Excessive Withdrawals Risk: Taking out too much money too quickly


After gathering all the required information, our team will assess and analyze your overall situation. This analysis will help you answer critical questions, such as:

  • Are my sources of income reliable enough to cover all my expenses throughout retirement?
  • Is my portfolio strong enough to generate income for discretionary expenses?
  • How do I know if my withdrawal rate is at the proper amount?
  • What is the best array of strategies to meet my income needs throughout retirement?