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Wealth Management

A Tailored Approach to Portfolio Management

When it comes to your investment portfolio, one size does NOT fit all. Some investment firms provide cookie cutter strategies that involve recommending a commissionable mutual fund or annuity or buying a baskets of stocks, whether they are good or bad, and going after the lowest prices.  But that is not always in your best interest.

Individuals in their 40’s need to invest differently than those in their 70’s. With different risk tolerances, timelines, and goals, there is no place for a one-size-fits-all approach to wealth management. Not to mention all the hidden advisor costs, internal management fees, and advisory fees can really hinder your wealth-building journey.

That is why at Lakeview Wealth Management, we do things a little differently. As an independent investment management firm, we use our knowledge and experience to help develop a tailored approach to investing that is based on your individual needs and circumstances.

At Lakeview Wealth Management, we start with the end in mind.

Our team takes a customized approach in matching a client’s short- and long-term investing goals to their investment management strategy. While some of our clients are investing for maximum capital appreciation, safety, or income – each of those goals have different strategies. We utilize event-driven, actively managed portfolios and, in the right circumstances annuities and/or alternative assets to ensure that each of our clients is investing in a way that’s right for them. 

We do not charge trading fees, have hidden costs or get paid commissions when we manage an advisory portfolio so there are no conflicts with compensation. We simply want to educate you on your options and develop an investment plan and portfolio that maximizes return during the accumulation phase and minimize impact on your principal in retirement.